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My Calamitous Affair with the Minister of Culture and Censorship

Photo Credit: Stan Barouh Photography

The Corner at Whitman-Walker

Director: John Vreeke
Projection De
sign: Devin Kinch

Lighting Design: Devin Kinch
Costume Design: Anna Marquardt
Sound Design: 
Alistair Edwards

Eye-catching at the back of the largely bare stage, Devin Kinch’s projections — words such as “restorative justice” and “protected speech” and video seemingly of protests and security forces in Israel — add philosophical and geopolitical context.
-Celia Wren, The Washington Post

Projections Designer Devin Kinch’s scene-setting images and videos, a brilliant word cloud that punches up the fast-paced dialogue, and at one point a live stream of Eilat from Samad’s phone cam. It is impossible to picture My Calamitous Affair in performance apart from this eye-catching animated backdrop.
-John Stoltenberg, DC Theater Arts

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